we love: imogen

karim sadli took this picture of supreme's imogen morris clarke for the latest issue of mixte magazine. we're such suckers for the laid-back styling and imogen's unorthodox beauty. rave on, it's all about good old days again.

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Maud and Penny said...

COOl cool kid so true, because the cool in cool kid is not qualitative meaning, it's part of a gimmik... cool kid is like one word that could be in the dictionnary... but the cool kid doesn't want to be cool.. the cool kid truely doesn't give a f*ck , the cool kid doesn't try to look like he doesn't give a f*ck ... so it's impossible to say I want to look like a cool kid and to look like a cool kid... so it's very hard to define... it's something else...

oh, and the day you made the post was her birthday ;)