1000 faces

it looks like cindy sherman, photographer, artist and the woman of a thousand faces, was an inspiration behind christina kruse's 'baggy' editorial for the latest issue of interview. pictures showing witty female stereotypes (from old-money grand dame to dirty-haired gypsy bohemian redhead) kruse, who styled herself, exploits fashion's perceptions of archetypical consumers of luxury goods and brand loyalty. from hermes to chanel to fendi, the pseudo-it-bags seem to tell about their owners more than the most detailed cv. from making a fashion statement to becoming an empty canvas embelished with the desired logo, bravo pour le clown!
sherman's works also inspired pugh-obsessed, margiela-clad irish beauty, roisin murphy for a dressing galore in the you know me better video. art and life are endless. well, almost.

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