you have to trust

a friend of mine is concerned about the most vulnerable parts of human body. pointing wrists and temples she speaks of the very life running through these areas. to me the most intimate and intriguing part is back. this is the space one can hardly defense or hide. it's all about being unprepared, vulnerable and unsafe. it's also one of the most seductive parts of human body, which leaves much space for dreams and illusions (which at the end are only dreams and illusions).
it's interesting how images from the new issue of zoo magazine (featuring cole more and alana zimmer) can interpret the theme of trying to control your body, your private space. with the hints of deconstruction and bondage, it's not about sexuality nor brutality. but somehow they do deal with sex and aggression as an answer to constant danger and pressure affecting the human body. in order to survive you have to hide and armor. whether it will be a margiela suit or leather corset it is you who resist the outer world.
bjork sang, 'you'll be giving love, you'll be taken care of, you'll be giving love, you have to trust it'. isn't this utopia dangerous enough?

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