plastic way of living

sex and its perception by society (therefore, its distillation in art&culture) has always been a stumbling-stone for me. confusion of terms such as sex, sexiness, sexuality causes unfortunate taste of vulgarity and platitude, not mentioning puritan debates and unnecessary censorship.
pornography as a derivative product of human's interest in sex is one of those pleasantly forbidden topics we're all so interested in. fashion, being one of the most spoiled fields of activity, has never bothered to hide this interest. from guy bourdin's suggestive imagery, to david lachapelle's plastic orgies to steven klein's, well, plastic orgies, sex has always been a matter of fact rather than a timid hint.
in fashion where bared breasts are taken for a symbol of virginity and where erected penis appears to be the next big accessory (hola, arena homme +) sex has become a commonplace. the only way to move things forward is sexualizing absolutely everything - bar sex. just as jeff burton, the man behind kris van assche's porn stars in a random laundromat ad camapaign does.

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