i could be a spectator

suffering from the strong overdose of fashion imagery one can hardly remember there's a world out there. the more surprising is the fact that the world looks nothing close to what w or 10 showcases. so the time you happen to see something otherwise one million and first transformation of eniko by inez&vinoodh you can really get surprised.
the guardians series shot by andy freeberg while visitng russia's most famous and grand museums appeared something of a relief. looking at these intelligent old ladies is a small possibility to remind oneself there's a life out of glossy pages and polaroid frames. there are people that don't look like olga sherer and, what's even more thrilling, they don't want to. there's a world that doesn't care that much about peter dundas' uncertain future and has nothing to say about lbd and rodarte. there are people, who live their lives, grow their children, cry their tears and celebrate their birthdays with home-made cakes, not with oh-so-chic macaroons. there are normal people. who would've thought?

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