silent impersonator

on one of the hot summer days we were sitting in a cafe chatting with elena ivanchenko, the woman who discovered nataliya piro and viktoriya sasonkina. watching the sunset we spoke about international modeling, girls and... supreme. a favorite agency of fakefur/ous ever, supreme model manegement has always been a source of inspiration and the right place to find most addictive girls in business (think of iris s, daiane c, alyona o and others). in the center of fast'n'furious rotation of faces supreme has always been on the top of the game making the most incredible choices and keeping its identity high above the market demands. paul rowland's passion and creative vision is something of a living myth and supreme's incredible show packages are only a paper proof of that. genuis packages, nontheless.
hanne gaby odiele is, for sure, one of the strongest faces on the agency's board. with the constant flow of editorials and runway shows, this is the girl not to watch, but to adore. rocking bleached eyebrows and lighter blonde shade of hair color, hanne gaby was one of the best players on the ss09 fashion scene conquering the best catwalks and some of the most impressive shoots.
the latest issue of numero france features hanne gaby in deep shades of blue, red and gold. palying with graphical yet totally transformative features of the girl, photographer camille vivier captures somnambulic, yet theatrical character. styled by samuel francois and completed with an old military memorabilia, odiele seems to be a perfect impersonator of naive childish dreams of theatre, wars and graceful heroes. this is a theatre of life, full of casual dramas and silent monologues. a one man show this is.

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