outer private space

the question of private versus public space and the definition of what is intimate is one of those that appear to be really interesting. what is it that defines space as private and is it always contrary to what we accept as public?
looking at the selby's snapshots featuring sheets from the premier issue of the last magazine does make one think on the subject. the double-reality represented by the interiors shown behind the sheet and in it makes this image feel surreal. private ny apartment of magnus berger, the editor and creative director of the last magazine, appeared to be a perfect set for the playful images of julia stegner. shot by maciek kobielski and styled by victoria barlett the pictures represent that aesthetic of laid-back sexuality and realness captured in a frivolously ironic title just hanging out looking really good. it's this good old idea of sitting in the kithchen barefoot and topless while looking tres chic. some things are eternal. some spaces stay private.

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