perfectly broken toy

sometimes it's hard to believe a statement like 'fashion can be smart' makes any sense. 10 magazine is one of those publications that cultivate this sort of statements. intelligent and sophisticated 10 has that extra touch of wit and healthy irony to save the world from snobbery and self-indulgence.
the latest issue includes a feature on true talent of tomas maier, creative director of much-acclaimed and totally luxurious brand bottega veneta. capturing the dark (read dramatic) side of bottega veneta's collection, these images speak of clean forms and natural body lines. yet with a random splashes of color and graphic poses of women's star suzanne diaz the shoot has some feel of unconcious conflict, something of a broken toy. fixating on the movement, photographer david hughes and fashion editor sophia neophitou-apostolou bring light and life into close to perfect statesque creations of maier. perfection has become boring and 10 does know that.

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