behind those eyes

there are some faces that simply fascinate. these are the faces that don't speak of traditional perception of beauty or perfection. it's about an attitude, a vibe that comes out from eyes, cheeks and lips. it's not about what you see rather than what you get. request model management's rising star yuri pleskun has this kind of face. it doesn't tell you the boy's story, but suggests there's a long story behind it. a boy with something to hide, isn't it the case when it's called personality?
model talks always end up with cliches and myths. but when it comes to an endless process of transformation without revealing a secret, keeping it mistique and untold, one has to believe it's a good thing to think about. from metal magazine to i-d, to another man, to wonderland, this boy leaves the questions without answers. as everything mysterious, this is the ride worth of taking.

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MR style said...

man i always love when u come and comment !! givin a deep analysis and shaded point of view !!! thanks a lot !! ps : thank for your words on facebook too