tribal contemporary

with the resurrection of tribalism and primitivist aesthetic fashion can't give up the idea to totally recreate the look of urban barbarian. usually fashion editors go for ysl heritage, hypermassive accessories and models of color (chanel iman being, probably, the most obvious choice). thus it was really refreshing to see the head won't stop editorial from the latest issue of wonderland magazine. photographed by simon thiselton those images yet are more about the styling rather than technique. the looks created by publication's fashion director, grace cobb set a new dimension for the tribal extravaganza. leaving impossible prints and flowing shiffons behind, cobb goes for tons of raw knitwear, fedoras and tartans. the result is really impressive: mixed up and stuck all over model's body, endless layers of warm and cozy knits and tweeds create a new image of barbaric woman (even if it somehow reminds of the united colors of benetton creative galore).
breaking all the rules, cobb and co feature much critisized caucausian type of blond-haired russian beauty represented by one of the most sought-after gilrs in the business, anya kazakova. challenging geometric make-up and locks of fake hair, the girl delivers the right amount of savage toughness contrary to the natural glow of this porcelain skin.
frida kahlo's famous painting two fridas explored the problem of dualism and contradiction between the primeval instincts and cultural traditions one deals with. in a world full of artifice and superficiality it's no wonder we want to get back to our roots. even more so if these roots resemble jun takahashi's undercover aesthetic.

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